Texture Tonic 125ml

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Aveda Texture Tonic – combining a unique balance of ingredients: Magnesium Sulfate (also known as Epsom Salt) that adds raw grip, and Cane Sugar that hydrates and softens to achieve effortless-looking, tousled texture without the crunch and dried-out feeling, for wet or dry hair.


After tonging the hair, spritz Texture Tonic throughout tresses from mid-lengths to ends and scrunch in to open the curl and for a raw, natural, tousled texture
Always start with less product and layer more as you need to gradually achieve the your ultimate texture
Before blow-drying, spritz Texture Tonic throughout tresses and twist the hair as you dry for loose, textured waves
Scrunch Texture Tonic into wet hair and leave to air-dry for a mussed-up feel
Pull hair into a sleek ponytail and spritz Texture Tonic through the lengths to create a cool contrast between sleek roots and undone lengths


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